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   Beginner and Injury recovery clients are welcome and encouraged to please chat to us as to find the best option to get you started!!! 
(Induction session may be required before group participation)

YOGA/PILATES FLOW  A Yoga and Pilates fusion class that flows through the beneficial & safe Yoga poses as well a variety of pilates & rehab exercises.  Build strength, stability and flexibility. Great for those who like to move a little faster but still want the great benefits that Yoga and Pilates moves are famous for

 RIP  A barbell workout that incorporates functional training.  Every movement plane is attacked using weights and body weighs.  Featuring safe and motivating exercises. Fresh music, rhythms, speeds, rep counts, attention to technique done in smaller groups for your safety and so you get the most out of your training.   DOMINATE the WEIGHTS, PLYOMETRICS, INTERVAL SETS and FUNCTIONAL TRAINING. GET RIPPED WITH RIP! Powermusic.com Group RX

HIIT'n'BOX Get fit fast with Cardio and strength bursts using boxing combinations and drills plus a blitz of weight based functional training to create fast results.      

Bench Blitz Athletic, functional training, short bursts of BASIC step based cardio blocks and muscle conditioning moves. NO hard choreography.  Movements can be modified for your level. Full body, interval  mix to get amazing results, fast! 

Functional Fitness  A great training mix involving stints on the bike, free weight and body weight functional training with some rehab moves for common issues like knees and shoulders. Fit balls, suspension ropes and step based moves may be used to add variety and give functional training for the full body. Safe modifications for ALL levels .

FUNCTIONAL STRENGTH    A full body workout incorporating strength training using free weights and body weight functional exercises.  Great for bone health, muscle strength & endurance as well as balance and  core.  All levels accommodated.
 Circuits  Work against the clock, circuit style functional training, using body weight exercises and equipment such as kettlebells and ropes.   Designed to strengthen and condition the whole body.

PILATES MAT Rehab. A Low impact class with a strong emphasis on technique, core strength, rehabilitative exercise and flexibility.  Great for beginners and advanced to aid in injury recovery & prevention and enhance your fitness training.  

BRUTE FORCE - Beginning with strength fundamentals for push, pull and lower body weight work.  Heavy and hard.  Finishing with high intensity TABATA sets to get your heart rate and sweat on!

BODY BLAST - Fast paced, hard conditioning mix of weights and body weight work.  High rep, high heart rate, high intensity. Test yourself!

HARD CORE HIIT - Work against the clock with a  mix of cardio and weight sets.  Full body, fast paced!

* KIDS Kickboxing  Basic Kickboxing training. Kids learn punching & kicking combinations, some sparring, technique as well as Mixed Martial Arts and Fitness drills plus stretching in a safe, fun environment.  Kids can kick and punch their way to fitness whilst developing a healthy mind and body.
* Run during school term- concession fees apply.

MUAY THAI A Combat kickboxing sport of Thailand making use of punches, kicks, elbows and knee strikes.  Train for fitness, defence or to fight in the ring.  Classes consist of padwork, bags,  sparring drills, circuits  and more to build your fighting ability, self defence and fitness. We welcome all levels from beginner to the advanced fighter. Trainers highly experienced and qualified. 
OPEN MUAY THAI  - Open training session for all levels.

OPEN GYM SESSION Workout on your own or with friends during these times.  * A 30 min induction session with a trainer is required before participating

Classes and Instructors are subject to change
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